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Of tags, music & free sample pack


Your tag is your personality, your attitude. You have to have music on when you’re writing them.EDEC in NAMETAGGING by Martha Cooper

Flow, confidence, creativity and attitude: hiphop culture in a nutshell.

For the beatmakers out there who craft their own sounds, check out our 4NUTZ Sample Pack 1. It’s free — for a limited time, to kick off the opening of our online store — and royalty free. Knock yourselves out. Of course, if you like it, don’t forget to share our site as well as your final creations on our 4NUTZ Facebook Page.

Featured image taken from the EDEC interview (p.18) in NAME TAGGING by Martha Cooper, Mark Batty Publisher, NYC, 2010.


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Former lit student and ever curious person, I'm a mess of ideas and questions. Writing 'em all down is my journey to order.

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