Underbrims of different 4NUTZ caps

“Do you really need another cap?” —

Some people take it upon themselves to be really offended at what others buy with their own money. It’s none of their business and it creates stress for no reason, but they can’t seem to help it. Shoes, caps, video games, music equipment, parties, inflatable dragons — if they don’t get it, they judge it.

Now, the correct attitude to take is to simply tune them out because, who cares? Let’s face it – if you’re a cap collector, the only excuse you need to get a new hat is spelled out in the job definition. A collector collects, point.

But extra reasons don’t hurt. Especially if you share space with someone who just isn’t appreciative enough of the size of your collection (or rather, the space it takes on the common shelves).

Here are five extra arguments to pull out whenever deemed useful. Use ’em and abuse them at will. After all, you deserve that new cap.

  1. Protection against the elements

I know, I know. Who the fuck wears a basecap functionally? On-field players, sure. Everyone else? Is happy enough to wear it for style. NE even mentions on the label of their basecaps that they are ‘exclusive of decoration’.

Still, it just so happens that the brim of our 4NUTZ basecaps are good at shielding your eyes from the sun (or paparazzi flashes, depending on how you roll) and thus, avoiding car accidents. You’re welcome. Oh, and if you’re picking cherries in the sun and are starting to feel your neck growing warmer and warmer from a sunburn in the making? Just twist you cap around and have the brim cover you for a while.


  1. Master at cover-ups

Dandruff? Roots growing out? Thinning patches of hair, or fully decimated bald spots? Or maybe you’re trying to hold a wig in place while you’re out clubbing or infiltrating some VIP backstage room. Whatever the reason, hats are great for hiding what you’d prefer people not to notice.

You can even sneak a few bills or phone numbers in the inside sweatband of the snapback. A set of keys might not be as subtle, though.


  1. Good against headaches

This one is a bit personal, yet ever useful. As someone prone to frequent headaches, I like to adjust my snapback a bit tighter as my usual mass of hair demands. Somehow, the slight pressure around my temples feels soothing.

Word of warning: getting in an argument about whether your visor should be flat or curved might have the opposite effect and aggravate your pain. Avoid if possible.


  1. Conversation starter – or ender
squirrel flipping the bird
shrug or flip’em… #cestlavie #4nutz

Speaking of which – if the “right way” to wear a cap can spark some lively debates (or full on wars), our 4NUTZ basecaps can also help initiate a few conversations. It’s a cool contextual prop that might move your chitchat away from small talk to more interesting grounds. About the culture and history of hip hop. About the philosophy and ethics of graffiti (and the nuances between vandal art and street art, for example). About the places and people and expressions of Bavaria.

Or it can serve as a conversation ender, too. Just flip up that brim and flash your “C’est la vie” or “Scheiss da Nix dann feid da Nix” cap with a shrug, explain it (or refuse to) and leave it at that.


  1. Statement of love, style and spirit

As the word states, baseball hats are made to support your favorite sport team by proudly wearing their name, logo and colors. Ours are a bit different. There’s no sport involved.

Yet 4NUTZ caps still have that spirit. You can use them to communicate support – support for a small but growing startup (hi!) and for madly talented artists. You can also wear them to show some love – for crazily drawn squirrels and dignified lions; for a modern take at old symbols of Bavaria; for everything still to come and more, too.


So there you have it.

Five extra reasons (including health and safety – who’d want to argue against that?) to grow out your basecap collection in peace, though you probably have more of them yourself and probably – rightly – need none of them. But hey. If you’ve got more excuses completely essential and entirely vital reasons to explain buying your next caps, however outrageous or obvious, do share them in the comments.



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