We’re not just going for baseball caps. We’re starting small, but we’re going big. We go for art. We produce it, we want it, we kick it. The goal of 4NUTZ is to spread that passion for art outside of limits ... and to give you something absolutely dope to wear, too, of course. It's new, unique -- and in limited editions.


Our goal is to develop the top collections of graff caps, period. Not just graff caps... but with lots of it. Well-worked and madly designed baseball caps, with that extra dopeness factor to keep your eyes on: our printed underbrims.

We want to bring into existence caps you’ll want to collect for how fresh they look – which they do – and want to wear for how good it makes you look.

Quality is in the details and we make sure that, from labels to fabric and stitching, every part of our hats meets high standards.


Our first caps are already firmly aimed in this direction. With the MAD SQUIRREL cap, as well as the C’EST LA VIE special Bavarian edition, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with artists we loved. You know how it is: when you discover something so sick and unique, you want to share it. And you might just get addicted - hopefully.

To keep the collaborations fun on both sides, we make sure our contributors get a good piece of the cake. No lies, no trick. If you contribute to our collections, we do the best we can to get you, and the customers, and ourselves 100% satisfied.

Want in on the gig? Email us at info@4nutz.com or drop us a message direct through our contact form.