Limited 420 Cap by Opoil

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The 420 snapback – A dope hat for dopeheads.

Produced in a limited amount, these 420 caps are not just extremely dope headgear: they’re a statement. A statement against the prohibition, a statement for freedom, for respect, for living your life however the hell you want to. And if that statement happens to be woven within slick stitches and fresh designs? Well, that’s all thanks to Opoil, the French graff artist  behind the featured illustrations.

For more technical details about the #420 cap, see product description below.


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Product Description

The 420 cap will be released  on April 20th, 2016. The shipping will be starting the week after that. Better get yourself ready, too, because there are only 162 for sale – new editions in different color schemes will be issued once those quantities are sold out. A total of 550 caps will be produced in different styles – more news will follow on that order, but you can expect brim variations as well as the ever crowd pleaser (fitted caps).

As for this first edition of the 420 cap, it comes in 100% polyester as requested by the artist Opoil, one-size-fits-most thanks to its snapback closure. The A-Frame brim is printed with the thematic illustration as drawn by Opoil – and where else do you get weed, an MPC and a cute girl all for the price of one cap? Exactly – 4NUTZ Caps&more is where it’s at.

For more designs and art by Opoil, be sure to check out his Facebook page.

For more dope caps, back to our store it is.

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