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Five Side-Effects of Wearing Baseball Caps

Underbrims of different 4NUTZ caps

“Do you really need another cap?” —

Some people take it upon themselves to be really offended at what others buy with their own money. It’s none of their business and it creates stress for no reason, but they can’t seem to help it. Shoes, caps, video games, music equipment, parties, inflatable dragons — if they don’t get it, they judge it.

Now, the correct attitude to take is to simply tune them out because, who cares? Let’s face it – if you’re a cap collector, the only excuse you need to get a new hat is spelled out in the job definition. A collector collects, point.

But extra reasons don’t hurt. Especially if you share space with someone who just isn’t appreciative enough of the size of your collection (or rather, the space it takes on the common shelves).

Here are five extra arguments to pull out whenever deemed useful. Use ’em and abuse them at will. After all, you deserve that new cap.

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